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We are a family business that cares for our customers as if they were part of our family. Our portfolio is rich in accounting, tax and business advisory services. More than 30 years of experience and the ambition of the younger generation build a strong synergistic relationship.

Our services

We can prepare and file your Article 92 return, as well as your Article 50 return, file your Form 1 and Form 6 returns... But you don't need to understand the numbers of returns and articles, or complicated accounting terms. You need to create, innovate, manage, and develop your business.

The main areas where we can help you are:


You send us the documents, and we will take care of the rest. We will create and submit the necessary references, declarations, and reports, sending you everything you need with explanations in clear and understandable language. We will inform you about deadlines, important changes, and everything that concerns you and your business.


"Payroll" is a modern term that involves all processes related to calculating and disbursing salaries to your employees. People are the most important asset of a business; let us take care of your relationships precisely and accurately.

Consultation for Starting a Business

We collaborate with lawyers and can offer a comprehensive consultation covering all the questions that arise during this crucial step.

VAT Registration

Whether you need it, when, and on what grounds? We provide answers to all the questions that arise in relation to the Pandora's box called VAT registration and tax credit. And – no, it's not scary if you open it..

Analysis and reporting

We'll assist you in making crucial business decisions. Together, we create business cases, comparative analyses, and calculations to give you confidence in the direction you're taking. Questions like 'Can I afford this now?' and 'If I make this investment, will I fall behind on my obligations in the coming months?' arise in the mind of every entrepreneur and business owner. To answer all these and many similar questions, let us help you. We will support you in budgeting and forecasting, provide periodic reporting, monitor the company's financial performance, and identify problem areas right from their inception.

We've got you covered. You focus on growth. We can offer risk analysis and take measures to minimize tax and business risks. We'll inform you about open programs, initiatives, and measures for attracting funding and reducing the tax burden. Not only do we provide information, but we also collaborate with experienced consultants to assist in preparing your application documents if you choose to proceed.

Our team

Violeta Ivanova

Violeta Ivanova started this business back in 1999. Before that she was a chief accountant of a number of commercial and manufacturing companies for many years. She believes that one should always keep learning. Until now, she has not purposely chosen the company's clients to be from similar businesses and industries. Each different industry enriches our practice and allows us to have expertise in different aspects.

Diana Trenkova

Diana Trenkova, inspired by the good example, made the logical choice to continue the family business and her main education is accounting. She holds a master's degree in financial management from Sofia University and the University of Bordeaux, France. She has many years of experience as a financial manager of a large international company.

Lyudmila Ivanova

Lyudmila Ivanova also started her professional career as an accountant, but eventually chose to audit. She already has over 10 years of experience in leading audit corporations. She is currently an auditor in Austria with one of the most prestigious Big 4 companies in the industry. He continues to support the activities of Vieldy as an external consultant.

Ralitsa Georgieva

Ralitsa Georgieva has a master's degree in accounting, but she started her career in the banking sector. She has more than 10 years of experience in the banking sector and has an in-depth knowledge of the products and services in the system. She has been a part of the Vieldy team for a year now and adds a lot of drive, willingness to develop and improve processes.

Krasimir Ivanov

Krasimir Ivanov is a firefighter by profession, and after a break from active work - an accountant. As the only man in the team, he gives the necessary calm to have a balance.

How we work?

The built professionalism, together with the much-needed accuracy, precision, and responsibility, showcase our work in detail.

It is characteristic of every family business that it does not pursue quick profits but aims for sustainable and stable continuous development. We are no exception, and we do not let our customers down. We grow together with them and their needs, support them at every step, and help them make informed and appropriate choices.

What do we believe in?

Firstly, in the numbers. Micro and small businesses are the backbone of the economy. They represent 99% of all businesses, generate over 40% of Bulgaria's GDP, and play a key role in adding value to every sector of the economy. Without you and us, there is no progress and no advancement.

We believe that accounting extends far beyond its tax aspect. The true and accurate accounting and financial information is the basis for many important management decisions.

We work pro bono for several foundations, as we genuinely believe that volunteerism in Bulgaria is powerful and adds exceptional value to society. We support entrepreneurship and, with a predominantly female team, encourage everyone, especially women, to pursue their dreams boldly and start their own businesses.

We believe that in order to improve the business climate in our country, there is a need to enhance financial culture and literacy. We will continue to give our best efforts to make this happen.


VLD Consult Ltd.

Professional service

Our accounting team can provide services and helpful advice on the whole spectrum of financial and management reporting, cost accounting and financial analysis.

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Perhaps you have other questions that don't fall into the categories above? Feel free to ask us by email or with a call. The first meeting with us won't cost you anything. Let's see if we can convince you that accountants exist beyond the well-known stereotype.